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Winter is finally coming to a close. As you get ready to open your doors and windows to welcome in the fresh air, it’s only natural your thoughts turn to spring cleaning and home maintenance. This is also the perfect time to think about sprucing up your home security.

#1. Stickers

It’s a fact that criminals are more likely to avoid a home prominently displaying evidence of a monitored security system. So help stop criminals in their tracks by openly showing them you’re protected by ADT, Canada’s #1 home security provider. Is it time to freshen up those ADT deterrence stickers? If so, we make it easy for you to order new stickers by simply calling us at 800-653-9111.

When placing the ADT decals on windows and doors, don’t forget your garage door and the all-important back and sides of your house. After all, those are perhaps more hidden from view and provide possible attractive points of entry for break-ins.

#2. Yard sign

Take a look at your ADT yard sign. Has it made it through the winter? Order a new yard sign by simply calling us at 800-653-9111. If you would like to recycle, rather than throw away your old ADT yard sign, why not keep it for your backyard? Let criminals know to keep on moving because you are protected!

#3. Batteries

Spring is also a good time to check on the batteries in your wireless smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. If your battery is low, the detector will emit a ‘chirping’ sound. To change your battery, always remember to place your system on test mode by notifying our monitoring station.

#4. Contact list

Finally, be sure to keep your list of emergency contacts up to date. Perhaps your list still has the name of a neighbour or relative who has since moved away. Whatever the circumstances, it’s of critical importance to ensure your list of contacts is current with the names of individuals who are ready and able to respond to inquiries in case of an emergency. It’s fast and simple to change your contacts by calling us at 800-653-9111.

These are a few quick but important items to look after so you and your family can breathe easy in the fresh spring air!

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