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Why risk your security or a false alarm fine? When your alarm sounds, you can rely on ADT Canada’s professional Guard Service!

A winter storm is raging and an alarm is triggered at your business. Snow is blocking the view from your security camera. Is it a false alarm or a real cause for concern? If there is an incident at your place of business, why risk your personal safety to go and investigate? Or the safety of an employee? If an injury should occur as a result, it could mean major liability for your business. That's why having Guard Service makes good business sense.

A trained, professional security agent who can physically assess, safely investigate and alert responders if necessary can be a vital part of an effective business security strategy. This is especially true if you are difficult to reach, travel often or have limited keyholders. You can save the expense of hefty false alarm fees by wisely leaving investigations to experienced Guard Service professionals.

When your alarm signals, a call will be placed to your business to verify and ensure it is not a false alarm. If there is no one on-site to respond to our call, the next on the call list is the guard who will be dispatched to your premises to investigate and confirm if there is an incident. Guards look for signs of a break-in… a shattered glass window, a broken door. If there has been an incident, police will be contacted. If the guard confirms that it is a false alarm, we won’t proceed with the remainder of your call list and we’ll cancel the police dispatch, helping you avoid false alarm fees.

At ADT Canada, we offer two Guard Response Services to meet the needs of your business:

Guard Response Patrol

A practical and simple solution! In many Canadian cities, using police resources for false alarms can result in heavy fines. With Guard Response Patrol, when your alarm sounds, our monitoring centres will dispatch a security agent to your premises. Our Guard Response Patrol agents can carry out an external verification and internal verification of your premises. Based on the agent's report, and only if necessary, we then contact the required local response resources, helping you to avoid any false alarm fees!

Guard Duty Service

Guard Duty Service helps limit losses by ensuring on-site security in the case of a break-in or other property damage. With all the benefits of Guard Response Patrol, our Guard Duty Service also ensures a qualified security agent remains on-site until the premises are secure – for example, until a shattered window is boarded up, a broken door or lock is secured, all points of entry have been verified and your alarm is armed once more.

So the next time your alarm sounds, let us help you avoid paying a hefty false alarm fine and ensure your premises are safe. With our Guard Response Patrol and Guard Duty Service, trained agents will physically verify any event and help prevent false alarm fees. Security is our primary business and keeping your business assets secure is our priority. With 3 ULC-certified Canadian monitoring centres operating 24/7 from coast to coast and 125 years of experience, ADT Canada is always there for your business.

For more information about ADT Canada’s Guard Services for your business, contact our security experts at 800-653-9111.


Please note: Guard officers are subject to the same driving regulations as regular citizens and as such must respect the maximum driving speeds and traffic hold-ups. Guard Service is not available in every area. Please call today to learn more about Guard Service and its availability in your area.

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