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Our business is to help keep you safe!

Every year numerous fires in the workplace cause injury and property loss, leaving business owners devastated. If a fire should break out in your place of business, would you have a plan? Are you doing everything you can to help reduce the risk of fire and keep your employees, customers, assets and bottom line secure?

Monitored smoke detectors are vital to the protection of your company. Be sure your business is covered. Did you know...

Monitored smoke detectors = savings

A monitored smoke detector can help prevent substantial loss in situations that a non-monitored smoke detector simply cannot. A fire can rob you of valuables like office furniture, inventory, computers and data and, above all, the lives and safety of your customers and employees. But with a monitored smoke detector, emergency services will be alerted when smoke or heat is detected. Insurance companies may also offer discounted rates to businesses who are subscribed to fire monitoring*.

Smoke detectors require maintenance

Smoke detectors should be placed strategically throughout your place of business, in hallways, and on every storey of the premises. To ensure they work properly, they require regular testing and cleaning, as well as replacement of both the batteries and the unit. The benefit of having a monitored smoke detector is that when the battery needs changing, you’ll receive reminders from your alarm monitoring company.

Top fire safety tips for your workplace

As a responsible business owner, maintaining a safe environment for your employees and customers should be a primary concern. Here are safety tips that will help keep your workplace safe.

  • Make sure fire exits are clearly identified.
  • Have a fire escape plan.
  • Ensure electrical equipment is in good condition.
  • Avoid overloading circuits or using extension cords.
  • Use approved power bars.
  • Leave space for air to circulate around equipment that gives off heat.
  • Make sure all small kitchen appliances, such as coffee makers and hot plates, are turned off when not in use.
  • Keep storage areas, stairways and landings clear of waste, empty cartons, dirty rags and other material that could fuel a fire.
  • Keep combustible materials at a safe distance from heat sources.
  • Subscribe to a 24/7 fire monitoring service.

Peace of mind for your business

ADT Canada offers 24/7 professional fire monitoring from our 3 ULC Canadian monitoring centres located coast to coast. Whether you are at your place of business or not, even during power failures, our monitoring centres will alert your fire department when heat or smoke is detected. A monitored smoke detector will communicate with our monitoring centres even when your alarm system is not armed.

Why put the safety of your employees, customers, and business at risk? Call 800-653-9111 today to talk to one of our business security experts about fire monitoring for your business from ADT Canada, the most trusted name in the security industry and backed by the most trusted employees.


* Insurance savings vary. Check with your insurance company and ask about eligible discounts.

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