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We all want our homes to be cozy, safe and warm, a welcoming haven from the icy cold. Since we live in Canada, freezing temperatures in winter are more the norm than not. Is it possible to ensure your home is the perfect temperature for living, relaxing and sleeping, while saving you money?

Yes, with the revolutionary smart thermostat from Protectron smart security!

The evolution of the thermostat

Thermostats were once just a heat-activated switch with a temperature sensor that caused the switch to open and close. They allowed you to adjust the temperature inside your home. Then programmable thermostats came along. In theory, they allowed you to program different scenarios (say weekdays and weekends) so that your indoor temperature could match your lifestyle, helping to reduce energy consumption. And, while great in theory, in reality, programmable thermostats are generally misunderstood, not installed properly and not very user-friendly[1].

The revolution of the thermostat

So what's the answer? The interactive smart thermostat service from Protectron smart security! Available as an optional peripheral device on a Protectron smart security interactive service system, the thermostat connects through the touch-screen interface of your security panel, allowing you to control the temperature setting of your thermostat.

But that's not all…

When you subscribe to Protectron smart security, you can remotely log in to your app and set the temperature on your thermostat from your smartphone. You can also create a specific heating schedule to optimize your consumption and ensure your home is warm and safe.

If you normally come home at 6 pm and go to bed at 11 pm, your heating schedule can set the heating to a certain temp at 6 pm and lower it after 11 pm to ensure you a good night's sleep as you save money!

And for out of the ordinary situations, we've got you covered, too. Even once you have programmed your thermostat, you can still manually override any existing settings as needed, directly from your thermostat or your app. It is as flexible as you want it to be! Imagine the forecast calls for beautiful, snowy weather so you make last-minute plans to head to the cottage for a ski weekend. Once there, you realize your heating schedule means the heat will be blasting all weekend at home, even though no one’s there. No worries! With the smart thermostat, you can just change the heat settings right from your smartphone with a simple touch of a button. You will eliminate unnecessary heating and help save money!

Safety first

With the interactive thermostat, you can also create hot and cold perimeters so that whenever the temp exceeds or drops one way or the other, you can receive an alert via text or email. In fact, you can program your system to turn off your heat when smoke is detected. This will prevent additional oxygen from entering your home.

Saving money can be easy!

Perhaps, best of all, along with the peace of mind and money-saving benefits, the interactive thermostat is so easy to use! Simply call 800-653-9111 for full details. One of our friendly specialists can provide you with the details and even give you a free evaluation of your needs.

So don't delay… winter is almost here. Help save money and stay warm and cozy when you heat the smart way, with the interactive thermostat service from Protectron smart security!


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