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High-Security Connections

Increase your security system's reliability even more with a wireless high-security or supervised connection equipped with an interface twinned with your security system. This technology is designed specially to take over in the event of malfunctions in your telephone line.

Wireless SkyGARD Transmission
security connection

More secure than conventional phone lines and more affordable than supervised lines, SkyGARD-CTM gives you added protection and replaces your conventional phone line in the event of malfunction or vandalism. If the main phone line is damaged, alarm signals are transmitted by a transceiver linked to the security system. Wireless cellular transmission means that your security link is free from physical outside disturbance. This solution can also be used as a primary communication line when no telephone connection is available.

SkyGARD-XTM service brings together the very latest in wireless, dedicated, and supervised IP communication technologies that ensures two-way communication between the security system and monitoring centre. If the signal is interrupted, the monitoring centre will follow the customized emergency action plan. This high-security connection meets ULC-certified standards. Increasingly, this service is used to replace other high-security systems.

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DVACS (Digital Voice Access Control System)
Digital Voice Access Control System

A supervised telephone line permitting permanent contact between the alarm system and the monitoring centre. DVACS meet ULC certification standards.

Alarm signals

Alarm signals can be effectively and economically communicated to our monitoring centre with a TCP/IP transmitter (Internet), compatible with Protectron security panels. The link is a secure means for transmitting intrusion signals. It is easy to install.

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