LONEGARD service

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Lone Worker Monitoring

LoneGARDTM is a proactive, automated monitoring service that helps ensure the safety and well-being of lone workers.

An automated service at our monitoring centres automatically calls the lone worker at pre-determined intervals.

If the check-in call goes unanswered, 2 additional check-in calls are made at 3-minute intervals.

Should the check-in calls fail, our advanced verification system triggers an automated procedure, which calls up to three different contact persons to inform them quickly that the check-in calls have not been answered. In turn, should the calls to the contact persons fail, a live operator at one of our monitoring centres is notified and will call the lone worker's employer or other resource. 

The LoneGARDTM service requires no equipment other than a regular telephone or cell phone. It provides enhanced safety at a very competitive price!

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