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On the night of November 13, I was away hunting. My wife Cindy didn't know what the alarm was for. Tammy, one of your agents, answered the phone and asked Cindy if there was a local (non monitored) carbon monoxide detector in the house.

Cindy said "Yes", and unplugged it. The alarm stopped. Cindy said thanks and went back to bed. Realizing the danger, Tammy called Cindy back, but got no answer. She immediately dispatched emergency services. They arrived at 4:00 AM and woke Cindy by banging on the door.

The CO levels in the house were so high that had it not been for Tammy's quick thinking, I would've found Cindy dead in her bed. We have since then put a carbon monoxide detector with a battery backup monitored by Reliance Protectron. Also, we had the furnace inspected: it had a split heat exchanger that was allowing CO gas into the heat ducts.

THANK YOU, TAMMY. Your professionalism has kept our family whole. And thank you, Protectron, for having such conscientious people in your employ.

Glen Stallwood